"I love my bag; it's a definite eyecatcher. I love it because everyone's looking at it, which means they're looking at me! No matter what culture you're from or class you're in, it's the NEW HOTTNESS!"
- Raina W., Washington D.C.

" ...I received my bag, Miss Tulle and I was amazed at how beautiful it was. The work and love that went into that bag will be treasured by me for many many years to come. ...everytime I carry "MY" bag, I will think of you, and represent you and your work in Brooklyn, New York."
- Belinda W., Brooklyn, N.Y.

"I feel special carrying my bag. It's definitely something that you don't see everyday because of its uniqueness, and exclusivity. I LOVE IT!
- Venus V., Washington, D.C.

"When I first saw the bags, I said, "That's IT! They are AWESOME! How ORIGINAL!" I had to get one for my mother, and my sister as well."
- Terrance M., Washington, D.C.





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