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Sweet Summer 2
($400 w/drawstring)

"My summers taste sweet to my taste buds like black plums / My summers taste sweet to my taste buds like sugary bubble gum / The atmosphere is filled with baby blue skies and white fluffy clouds / Children are full of energy, playing in the street so loud / As the warm summer breeze blows softly from east to west / Right directly across the cleavage on my chest / While I close my eyes and lie on my patio chair and peacefully rest"– n.oliver © 2004 - 2005

Fig. 1
Embroidered, gradated pink poncho.

Fig. 2
Embroidered 3/4 length red dress w/beaded, belted waist.
Fig. 3
Sheer tank top, suede-textured capri-pants, leather lace-up sandals.



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