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For Twila
($450 w/drawstring)

"Dedicated to the one we love / Our Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, and Friend / But now her soul rests up in the Heavens above / As she's an Angel now; like a sun's bright rays, she’s beaming down / Fond memories of you will forever linger around in the air / Assuring us that you are always near / This bag is in loving memory of Twila Yvette Napier"– n.oliver © 2004 - 2005

Fig. 1
White fur-textured coat and hat, black suede-textured pants, lace-up tennis shoes.
Fig. 2
Velvet-textured zebra print dress, zebra charm.
Fig. 3
Black kimono embellished w/silver-colored beads and sequins.

10% of "For Twila" purchases will go to the NATIONAL AIDS FOUNDATION


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