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Bridal Collection
by dionne green

We would like to introduce the Susej Bridal Bags; a keep-sake for the bride to store every special thing that came to be her wedding day. Whether a gift for the special couple to be, or an anniversary celebration; the bridal bag's sentiments will ring loud and clear. Each bag is customized with the couple's wedding date inserted into an inscription that reads "On this day of (date written here), I will marry my friend."

We suggest Bridal Bag's be filled with sentimental items from couples' special day such as…

Wedding Album and/ or Video, Copy of Vows, Copy of Invitations, Guest Book, Copy of Program, Cards received, Bride's Veil, Bride's Shoes, …something old …something new …something borrowed (if kept!) …something blue, Penny (from shoe), Flower (from bouquet), Ring-bearer's pillow, Vial of Bride's perfume and/or groom's cologne, Reception Menu, Champagne Glasses, Wine Cork, Cake Topper, Cake Knife, Straw Strand (Broom Jumping Ceremony), Rice (small bag), Honeymoon Itinerary, Intimate Items.





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